By Kristyn Williams
Header Photo: Lee Gumbs

Kristyn is a dancer and movement artist based in New York. Kristyn focuses her work around healing, strengthening, and creating balance for her students. Her practice taps into the body’s inner strength through holding postures, allowing for a release of tension and stress in both the mind and body. Below is a short but sweet visual exploration of movement featuring various photographs of Kristyn, accompanied by her commentary.




(Photo by @taylorjamesphoto) When I’m surrounded by nature, I feel as one with the trees, one with the clouds, one with the wind. Dance is everywhere around me and I use nature to move me along with my breath. There’s a peaceful feeling when my body is able to take over with no direction.





(photo by @alyssamariec_) At the beginning stages of the pandemic, I rushed home to Texas not knowing when to return. My good friend Alyssa was getting content for a project and asked me to dance around on FaceTime. We laughed as I danced around my backyard finding “the light”. Movement brings people together—at that moment, we were simply just creating and having fun from a long distance. Moving keeps you alive and keeps you present, if you let it.





(photo by @cam.htx) This is one of my favorites… It cultivates peace, presence, and gratitude, all that brings me pure joy.



Join us on November 16th for Movement with Kristyn, a vinyasa flow yoga and breathwork class. This event includes a mini breathwork meditation which releases the spine and warms up the body while also bringing attention to the chakras, the energy of the human body, and setting/maintaining intention. The workshop is open to all bodies and levels of practice.