Author: Georgina Berbari

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “once in a blue moon”—a fun way of describing something that doesn’t happen very often. The upcoming Taurus full moon is indeed just that—a blue moon—due to the fact that it’s the second full moon of the month of October. 

A blue moon is rare, but there’s so much more to this lunar event than it’s rarity. This full moon will also be in the sign of Taurus—luxurious, stubborn, determined Taurus. We love her.


The full moon in Taurus 

At 10:49 AM ET on Halloween, the full moon in Taurus will greet us. “Taurus is earthy and patient—but stubborn,” consulting astrologer Elisabeth Grace tells New Lum. “Tauruses need to create material comfort and security [in their lives], preserving the status quo.”

Taurus is also reliable, gentle, and tolerant; brimming with integrity.

As astrologer Chani Nicholas eloquently stated in her study of the upcoming blue moon:

“While full moons come and go, Taurus does not. Full moons tend to have us feeling the expansiveness of our emotional state, our spiritual situation and our psychological status. Taurus drops an anchor in the fluctuating tides. Taurus is that anchor.”

If it were the Taurus full moon alone, it would be a pretty chill moon. That’s because the moon loves being in this grounded zodiac sign. “This beautiful Taurus Full Moon illuminates the Venusian side of our lives,” explains Suzie Kerr Wright, a certified astrologer, psychic medium, and tarot reader. “Along with Venus in the sign it rules, this will prove to be a week where we seek to be super creative and also stay in our most comfortable environments.”

When the Moon is in Taurus, Wright says, the energy slows—it’s calming. And although stubbornness and possessiveness can play a part in dealings with others if you’re not being self-aware and intentional, it’s still a pretty chill.

“Taurus soothes. Taurus steadies. Taurus builds. Taurus slows down. Taurus enjoys. Taurus eats. Taurus naps. Taurus enjoys sensual sensations. Taurus stays calm and carries on,” Nicholas writes.

Lunar blockages

As always, the Taurus full moon isn’t the only astrological happening on Oct. 31st. Mercury is still in retrograde creating tension in the solar system. To cope with any feelings of being blocked, Grace suggests maintaining focus and practicing patience all next week.

“Also keep in mind that this is not a typical Taurus Moon,” Grace tells New Lum. “The need to keep things the way they are—to stay in our comfort zone—is being challenged. Halloween surprises are in store—maybe not for everyone personally, but definitely in the world around us.”

There are ways, however, to maintain positivity and equanimity during this moon despite its unusual unpredictability. Perhaps set an intention to meditate for five minutes every day the week leading up to this moon—if that feels good, try 10 minutes and observe as your practice and self-devotion slowly but surely flourish.


Celebrating, reflecting, & showing up

Ultimately this lunar occurrence, despite the current tumultuous happenings in the world, should be one in which we find something to celebrate. Grace tells us that a weekend with a Taurus moon is excellent for indulging in sensual delights: good food, wine, music and art. “A COVID-safe massage or snuggle with your sweetie would be apt, too,” says the astrologer. 

Whatever you do, be sure to do it with intention and to channel that beautiful, rock-steady Taurus energy. As this moon illuminates the charcoal late-October sky, it also reminds us that despite turbulence, Taurus is the anchor; the friend or lover that—in the way they show up for themselves—teaches us how to support our own self.