Lustrous, strong and shiny hair can be hard to maintain, especially during scorching summers and frigid winters. Still, we mustn’t underestimate the sheer magic of the avocado and its ability to nourish us from the inside out. I’m convinced that this buttery, lush green fruit can do no wrong — so, naturally, onto both my hair and my toast it goes.

A 2015 study found that minerals in avocado may seal cuticle cells, which can help prevent hair-breakage and soften your locks. Read on for instructions on how to concoct your own DIY avocado hair mask and a corresponding ritual for rousing confidence. This recipe and ritual leaves you with silky-smooth, gloriously hydrated hair and the inspiration to take that mane out into the world.

The Mythological Meaning of Hair

Mythologically, our hair is said to be the seat of our power in the material world. This is illustrated in fables such as the parable of Samson, who when his hair is cut by the enemy, loses his strength and influence in the world the court of the King. While wealth, power and influence will, rightfully, might not be the healthiest crux of any hero’s journey – showing love and attention to your hair is a great way to pay homage to the vitality of our vivid, illustrious world. Go for a hair mask when you’re looking to reclaim or redefine your confidence in the material world.

Ritual for this or any Hair Mask

With avocado hair mask in place on your head, stand facing the mirror. Rest your eyes gently and unfocused ahead of you.

Turn your gaze inward as if all your attention was focused on the space behind your eyes.

Maintain this inward exploration while you square your shoulders.  Relax your jaw, and feel your feet rooting firmly in the floor beneath you.

Come into your body fully until you are completely present and at one with your own material experience.

Rouse your confidence with the knowledge that your body is here for you, supporting you. Feel your head resting majestically on your shoulders. Relax into the innate confidence of being present.

Bring your vision into focus and meet your gaze in the mirror, acknowledging the natural strength of the person you see before you.


½ a ripe avocado
¼ coconut oil


Mash avocado with fork into a bowl add coconut oil and mix well
Apply a mask to damp hair and scalp, pin up your hair and put on a shower cap if you have.
Leave for 20 min, rinse and follow with shampoo


Hydrating to both scalp and hair – repairs strengthens and adds shine and softness

*Yields 1 mask

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Photography by @annarosejay