By: Michelle Chun 

A Celebration of Warming, Birthing and Making


At the beginning of February, we are graced with the Pagan holiday Imbolc, pronounced “Im-Bulk.” It is a moment of celebration that honors the passage of time between the winter solstice and spring equinox. As the darkness of winter fades, the Imbolc blessings offer a soft radiance surrounding spring blooms inviting us to transcend into the new season.

In the past, Imbolc blessings and celebrations took form in festivals that honored the pagan goddess Brigid. Brigid was one of the most prominent Celtic gods, as she was the daughter of Dagda, the oldest god in the Celtic pantheon.

Since she is the daughter of Spring, she blessed fertility and raised prophecies, while encouraging a love for the arts of poetry and crafts. She was worshipped by Filid, the class of Celtic poets and historians. In essence, Brigid is a firey creator – melting and softening the winter ground for new ideas and manifestations to emerge.


Imbolc Blessings


Imbolc does not only inspire emotions of love and creativity, but gratitude for past, present, and future blessings. You can celebrate this holiday at home by recognizing three types of blessings that will keep you grounded in the new season. Here at Luminary, we’d like to offer you three blessing ideas for the season…


Blessing One: Remembering You Are Nature 

I am one with the simplistic, encompassing essence of nature. 


Breath deeply and take a moment to embrace whatever nature is nearest to you; the ability to breathe in during current seasons and the ability to breathe out during new ones. Honor the ability to grow, nurture, and honor all beings.


Blessing Two: Remembering You Are Love

I lead with love. This empathy heals the world. 


What does your heartbeat for? What raises your spirits the most? Get still and close your eyes to observe your inner landscape— as you look inward, send compassion to yourself, your loved ones, and all beings. Observe the capacity of this quiet generosity of compassion.


Blessing Three: Remembering You Are Whole

I see things as they are. In this, I find freedom. 


Use this Imbolc blessing as a commitment to shattering illusions between self and truth. You, yourself are a blessing to this world. You have been valiantly pursuing a journey of wholeness; continuously nurturing the seeds inside of you, and letting them fiercely be alive.

Remind yourself of how far you have come, and how far you will go. Remind yourself throughout this to return to a gentle observance of the truth surrounding you, no matter how hard it is to feel. You are strong enough to feel the most cavernous pain and you are strong enough to choose to love anyway.


Embracing the Seasonal Reset of Imbolc

As we enter into the season of birth and bloom, there is infinite potential in the air. Enter the new season gracefully and with intention. Remind yourself of your blessings, and how much life has to offer you in the spring, and on.