Take Action With One of the Country’s Largest Radical Organizations

By: Kristyn Williams 

A Demand For Change 

 “We cannot end racism in one area without tackling it in all areas.” Inherited systems, implicit biases have caused suffering in many forms: racism, inequality, and injustice. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) specifically and historically, experience oppression both systemic and cultural.  Color of Change is an online community with 1.7 million members, they work to create campaigns fighting for justice to create a humanistic world for black people and all people. These campaigns challenge corporate and government officials who have continued to cause suffering in the United States of America. 

The Power of Taking Initiative

Through Color of Change, you can donate to power the movement, sign petitions to take initiative and educate yourself.  CoC is leading crucial campaigns against practices that violate the civil rights of BIPOC, and advocates invest in BIPOC community needs. Right now we are still fighting to gain #JusticeForBreonna by getting the police officers who killed her arrested. Only one of the officers was fired and they all still stand free. Take part in this CoC campaign and other important campaigns such as Defunding the Police; Protecting Black-Owned Businesses during COVID-19; and  #JusticeforFloyd. There are multiple ways to help through CoC so do the right thing! Nina Turner says it best in her podcast Hello Somebody: “This is not about your political affiliation. This is about right or wrong. Whether or not you have the commitment, the character, the clarity, the vision, and the leadership to sacrifice something and to do the right thing on behalf of black people in America.”

Using Your Voice

As a dancer, fashion follower, and music lover, Black culture has been a huge source of inspiration and influence in my life. These art forms are used as an outlet to free oneself from negative forces and create a safe haven for pure expression. As a beneficiary of these arts I feel a strong sense of responsibility to use any privilege to protect, and progress black communities. Yet many white people have not used their voices to stand up to support black culture and the community. Remaining silent or sitting still during the fight against racism will get our country nowhere unless we are active. Color of Change gave me the outlet to take action by petitioning against injustice and bringing attention to oppression. As a white Hispanic, I will continue to use my privilege to give, support, love, and bring awareness to the inequality issues BIPOC faces as well as educating myself through the campaigns Color of Change and other organizations design.  

Progress Will Become Success 

Recently, we have reached success in dropping the charges against Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend. The FBI is in progress investigating Breonna Taylor’s murder. George Floyd’s murdered, Derek Chauvin has been upgraded to murder of the second degree and the three other officers who stood by and did nothing are being charged with aiding and abetting murder. This just the starting place in creating a just world. The Color of Change vision is to make “create a more human and less hostile world for Black people, and all people”. Continue to fight, educate, and make justice real!

To Get Involved:

    1. Donate 
    2. Become a member 
    3. Sign their petitions 
    4. Create your own petition
    5. Keep up to date with their newsletters 
    6. Share with friends via social media, email, and text
    7. Be an active member of the community