Over the past few months, most of us have become accustomed to working from home. Some choose the couch as their workspace. Some choose the dining room. Some choose their bedroom. As a creative, I’ve found that I work best in a space that energizes me to be productive and keeps me inspired. Implementing all five senses into my workspace has helped me create my perfect work from the home set-up. 




For sight, I made sure to keep things visually pleasing and inspiring. I love color, so to take it a step further I color coordinated my writing utensils and art supplies in these three mugs. I also surround myself with beautiful things to look at for inspiration and distraction (when appropriate). I display my postcard gallery wall, my camera collection, jewelry collection, and a little library filled with art books, novels, and poetry.

















For smell, I like to keep a variety of candles at hand. They help set the ambiance while creating a pre-work ritual to get me in the right mindset. The scents I gravitate toward helps alleviate stress. 

NewLum_Habitual to Ritual_Work from home workspace





For hearing, it’s also about music. Being stuck behind the computer screen all day can get tiring, but choosing the right soundtrack for productivity always brings the energy levels up. Depending on my mood, I blast my current Spotify playlist, play one of my favorite albums on vinyl, or rock out to one of many cassettes tapes.


NewLum_Habitual to Ritual_Work from home workspace










For taste, I always like to have a snack at hand to literally keep the energy up. Today, it’s cashews! To accompany my snack, I always have a bottle of water and sometimes I’ll even get my fix of probiotics with kombucha.











Lastly, for touch, I have a few fidget toys in reach. They help me think when I’m stuck, provide a small amusement, and they help me listen during meetings and videos. I also invested in an adjustable standing desk. Not only does this help keep the blood flowing, but it’s also nice to get your feet grounded when you need an energy boost.










I’ve built my version of a satisfying sensory workspace. It’s filled with sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and things to touch. I encourage you to implement the five senses when creating your workspace to help make it a place you look forward to coming to and to energize your workday, while you work from home.