Movement with Kristyn

Monday from 6:30 – 8:00 PM EST (Online)

Movement with Kristyn focuses on vinyasa flow yoga and breathwork. The class includes a mini breathwork meditation which releases the spine and warms up the body. Kristyn focuses on challenging the body and tapping into one’s inner strength through holding postures, allowing a release of tension and stress in both the mind and body. This workshop brings attention to the chakras, the energy of the human body, and setting/maintaining intention. Bandhas (locks) will be used in this practice to help participants feel energy flow throughout their bodies. 

This workshop is open to all levels. It is encouraged to freely experience your own practice with the postures and sequences given. Kristyn describes that through her practice she feels qi flowing through the river channels in her body. 

About Kristyn Williams

Kristyn Williams is a dancer and movement artist based in New York. She developed a deep passion in the exploration of the body at a young age. After gaining her yoga certification this summer, Kristyn’s focus for her work is to heal, strengthen, and create balance for her students. She also uses this emphasis in her professional career as well as in her everyday life. In order to treat others with love and respect, we must heal ourselves of what is holding us back and treat ourselves with the same amount of love and respect. We are continuously bringing change and will continue to do so with simple yet imperative practices.

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