Spring Associate Program ::

The Luminary Agency will be seeking candidates to support the firm in the many aspects of client management, in-house editorial, virtual programming and products, advocacy programs and more for the Spring of 2021. This program will provide direct access and hands-on experience to the development, execution, distribution and tracking of hyper-relevant Projects, securing key skill sets, samples of work, project successes and the nurturing of contacts and relationships. Training through project-access, guided direction, feedback and learnings will allow for real-world Marketing experiences and development of Skillsets. 

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Associate Program: 

  • 20 hours per week for 12 weeks. 
  • Begins the first week of February
  • This position is 100% remote and associates work directly from their own devices and work spaces
  • The Luminary Agency is available to provide necessary communications to assist the student in securing school credit, if applicable. 

Why The Luminary Agency:  

  • Opportunity to participate on campaigns at a higher level and expand your knowledge given course of study 
  • Opportunity to work closely with the client team 
  • Source and execute meaningful marketing campaigns and strategies that drive revenue, brand awareness, and conversions for clients 
  • Ownership and training on key projects that can be communicated as key resume points and sample work upon completion 

About The Luminary Agency: 

The Luminary Agency is a full-service Marketing Agency offering branding, marketing and PR services to meaningful projects and causes.  The New Lum products and programming line sheds light on practices, programs and products that can wake us up, bring us together and help us organize for caring causes.