Author & Photographer: Georgina Berbari

Kristyn Williams is a dancer and movement artist based in New York. She developed a deep passion for the exploration of the body at a young age.

Movement with Kristyn focuses on vinyasa flow yoga and breathwork and includes a mini breathwork meditation which releases the spine and warms up the body to move freely.

Within her workshop, Kristyn focuses on challenging the body and tapping into one’s inner strength through holding postures and subsequently allowing a release of tension and stress in both the mind and body. 

This workshop also brings attention to the chakras—the energy of the human body. Chakras quadrate to bundles of nerves, major organs, and spaces in the energetic body that directly affect emotional and physical well-being. Bandhas (energetic locks or valves that direct vital energy throughout the body) will be used in this workshop to help participants feel energy flow throughout their own bodies and to release blockages. Kristyn describes that through her practice she feels qi (life force) flowing through the river channels in her body—and in this the magic of movement lies. 

This workshop is open to all. There will be focus on setting/maintaining intention that is personal to you and your path of healing. It is encouraged to freely experience your own practice with the postures and sequences given—to take as much rest as needed but also to explore and expand the limits of your innate strength and divine power. 


Movement with Kristyn will take place on November 16, 2020 at 6:30 PM. The workshop is open to all bodies and levels of practice. Donations are encouraged with a suggested offering of $10+.