Musical Connection to Self Expression, Healing, and Astrology

By: Annie Huang

Redefinition of Music

Music is continually evolving, being redefined, and expanding as an art form and beyond. To some, music is a pastime or hobby, and to others, it’s a means of escape or healing, and some enjoy music’s astrological connection. The variant nature of the notes, rhythms, and beats of music both unifies and distinguishes individual backgrounds, communities and is a defining characteristic of cultural identity. For most, music appeals to some aspect of the spirit, artfully described in a Frontiers in Psychology article which cites an excerpt from Professor Simon Frith’s book Performing Rites: On the Value of Popular Music: “We all hear the music we like as something special, as something that defies the mundane, takes us ‘out of ourselves,’ puts us somewhere else”.

The benefits of listening to music go beyond pure enjoyment as the healing effects of music have started to cross into known practices, in particular in regards to balancing mood, decreasing the effects of anxiety, and even alleviating symptoms of chronic illnesses. From a scientific standpoint, “active music engagement [allows individuals] to reconnect with the healthy parts of themselves, even in the face of a debilitating condition or disease-related suffering,” an American Psychological Association article entitled Music as Medicine explains. This incredible result is just one of the many extensive studies done in the realm of music therapy, and much more can be said about the healing qualities of vibrational therapy and holistic healing applications. At its core, arrangements of music can aid substantially in self-definition, expression, and recuperation. 


Music’s Astrological Connection

Music has been determined to not only stimulate certain moods, feelings, and behaviors, it has also been shown to bond people in social connectedness with themselves and others. Thus, the power and feeling of music can be used to illustrate group or individual mindsets and draw out an auditory picture of who they are and can be in the future. One prominent example is how astrological signs each come with their associated meanings, behaviors, and archetypical descriptions of their tendencies, strengths, potentials, and predictions. Similarly, music choices can be a seamless integration into one’s everyday life to describe how they feel throughout their days.

For this summer season, I’ll be describing an example of music’s astrological connection to the signs and music choices by curating a Leo themed playlist, titled “Leo Sundance Season”. The playlist will reflect the energy and sunshine of summer in tandem with the vibrant, vicarious nature of Leos. Additionally, I selected songs matching the written descriptions of Leos as well as a mood board of associated visual depictions of their auras (pictured below).


The Sign of Leo

The sign of Leo is commonly characterized as those who enjoy basking in the spotlight, who brim-full of passion and ambition, and who are associated with natural elements like fire and the sun itself. Leo is a perfect symbol of the hot summer months. 

Artists that particularly resonate with this sign include Jhene Aiko, whose songs are infused with graceful confidence and authenticity, accompanied by soulful beats and unapologetic lyricism. Electronic music duo ODESZA is also featured within this mix due to their bright, fiery instrumental arrangements and mesmerizing vocals, each of their songs instilling thoughts of summer days and nights. These artists — along with the rest of this collection — illustrate the impact of music upon the self and the expression of emotions, all through an astrological interpretation of this season.

This summer dance playlist can be found here through Spotify, for whichever purpose you choose: whether it be social enjoyment, individual relaxation, or maybe even personal connections and self-reflection.