Author: Georgina Berbari

New moons bring both endings and new beginnings—a time to reflect and make space for progress. October 16th’s new moon in Libra is an opportunity to cultivate balance, peace and harmony. This is due to the diplomatic nature of Libran’s and their tendency to be peacemakers; the symmetry-obsessed sign of the zodiac is drawn to creating equilibrium in all areas of their lives and the lives of others.

The New Moon in Libra

Libran’s are charming and magnets for beauty; they aren’t afraid to express their deepest romantic nature and to wholly feel things that might seem overwhelming to others. The new moon in libra, therefore, may serve as an opportunity for romantic endeavors in whichever form they arrive. The amalgamation of self-love and love of another is one of the core ways that Libran’s use their equilibrious power. 

Questions to ask yourself during this dim yet potent moon might be uncomfortable ones, but still they are imperative. As Libra is the sign of the scale, of justice, take time to get quiet and reflect on the relationships in your life: Have you been giving more than you’re receiving? Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what we deserve and get immersed in providing for the ones we love. And while there indeed is beauty in this, the Libra new moon reminds us that self-care is non-negotiable and that the ones who truly love us will understand that innate necessity. 

Libran Honesty & Lunar Intuition

During this moon make it a point to be completely honest with yourself, even if it hurts. Moreover, get curious about communication and honesty in both your platonic and romantic relationships. Are they being completely honest about their feelings for you? Are you being honest with yourself? This lunar energy coaxes us to ask all of these questions of ourselves and others, no matter if they are awkward or difficult. 

Finally, remind yourself to trust your intuition. Libran vigor is smooth and charming in just about any social situation but sometimes it does this sign well to cease the constant search for outside perspective and to take time in solitude to develop and hone in on their own intuition. Channel this energy during the October 16 lunar event and savor the equanimity garnered before the transition to the shadowy and mysterious Scorpio moon.