The Upcoming New Moon in Virgo Invites Us to Set Tangible Intentions

Author: Georgina Berbari
Art by: Luna Yae 

Virgo’s are notorious for being dominating perfectionists. At their best, they use their intensity to achieve success in professional endeavors and to show dedication toward their loved ones. The new moon in Virgo arrives at 7am ET on September 17th. This lunar phase invites us to channel the analytical, meticulous nature of Virgoians. 

This is a beautiful time to set intentions and to take advantage of the grounded energy that this Earth sign exudes. Virgo symbolism associates Virgoians with the goddess of wheat and agriculture. This divulges that planting, growth, and herbal medicine are all associated with this sign. Accordingly, this new moon is a time for us to slow down and plant seeds. It is a time for us to set goals we’d like to see illuminated by the opposing fiery Aries full moon on October 1st. 

Things to keep in mind during the new moon in Virgo 

The Virgoian archetype reminds us of the vital essence of all things relating to Mother nature. They invite wholeness to be restored in the body, mind, and ecology. Diligence and consistency are key in the natural word, and the Virgo new moon depicts this understanding. 

The upcoming new moon tells us to turn inward and process. Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, communication is paramount. If this vitality of communication is realized, the Virgoians’ kind, gentle, and helpful nature can cultivate deep-rooted understanding.

Though sensible and earthy Virgos are a sign that exude diligence and dexterity, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun. After all, Virgos are one of the only signs that can challenge and meld with the kinky sensuality of a Scorpio.

Setting intentions during the new moon in Virgo

While writing out your intentions for this new moon keep in mind that although Virgos’ have a myriad of great strengths their intelligent analytical nature can sometimes spiral into anxiety and overthinking. During this lunar phase remember to breathe deeply, stay grounded in the body, and practice self-care. Just because Virgos adore being of service to others, does not mean that thinking should shift towards unhealthy selflessness. 

Rather, this is a time to slow down and analyze; to serve both oneself and others but also to rest. If there’s one mantra that I feel really resonates with the new moon in Virgo it’s you can’t pour from an empty cup. Analyzation, servitude, and pragmatism make way for healing only if an honest balance is struck between showing up for the self and others. So truly show up during the new moon in Virgo.  The seeds you plant now have the potential to grow and grow until they are illuminated by the forthcoming fiery glow of the Aries full moon.