What to Expect from the Fiery Full Moon in Aries 

Author: Georgina Berbari
Image by Cocorrina & Co®

On October 1st, an Aries full moon will grace the night sky, illuminating us with her fiery wisdom. Dynamic, turbulent, energetic Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and always aims to be the first in everything they do. Courageous, honest, determined and passionate at their best and impatient, aggressive, and moody at their worst, Aries rules the head and leads with the head, at full speed or nothing. 

Astrologers weigh in on the full moon in Aries

When the full moon is in Aries, we may feel that the day moves at a faster pace, according to consulting astrologer Elisabeth Grace. This is because Aries needs to move fast, usually in a rush to get something started. 

“This Thursday’s Full Moon may feel especially impassioned,” Grace tells New Lum. “Events that seemed to be going one way may change course, as fire does when the wind suddenly shifts direction.”

Grace says that If this happens in your own personal world, to have faith in your response-ability. “See any challenge—especially in relationships—as an opportunity to be creative and courageous for the highest good for all,” Grace advises. 

Use this time of intensity and change to take constructive action, suggests Suzie Kerr Wright, a certified astrologer, psychic medium, and tarot reader. 

“Everything you’ve been thinking about doing these last few months requires some form of movement,” Wright tells New Lum. “With this [moon in Aries] it’s about gathering your resources, your inner strength and being prepared for what’s to come.”

That being said, the intensity of this full moon may have drawbacks—instability, tension, and anxiety to name a few. “The pitfalls of Moon in Aries [also] include impatience, selfishness and behaving like a battering ram,” says Grace. The astrologer suggests using your awareness of the planetary weather and opting to not react or engage with those who unconsciously act out these pitfalls.

“You’ll know it when you see it,” Grace cautions. “Choosing not to react or engage in fiery ego-drama can be empowering. You get to decide which battles are worth the fight.” This is one example of how astrology can be used as a tool to help you live life better.

Finally, understand that everyone has a unique horoscope, and there’s much more to a horoscope than your Sun sign. According to Grace, some who are more likely to be affected by the upcoming full moon than others include—but are not limited to—those born around the 30th of March, June, September and December. A horoscope has a lot of moving parts. Some people will be affected by the Full Moon in Aries; others may not notice it at all.