As we head into the cold winter months, our hair endures the harsh winter effects which results in dry split ends and frizziness all around. However, there’s no need to worry: this two-ingredient Rosemary Scalp Rub is both efficient and effective. While rosemary stimulates follicle growth, raw virgin coconut oil contains Vitamin E which helps boost moisture and will have your hair looking and feeling amazing year-round. 

Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean region, is a member of the mint family. Both rosemary and mint provide nourishment, renewal, and healing. This rosemary scalp rub leaves your scalp feeling fresh and revitalized. As you massage the rub into your scalp and sit with it, take deep breaths with your eyes closed and allow the calming scent of rosemary to ease any stress. Check out the recipe below so you can make this easy rosemary scalp rub at home.



¼ Cup of fresh rosemary washed and dried 

½  raw virgin coconut oil 



In a medium saucepan, heat the oil over low heat. When hot, add rosemary and stir by pressing the herbs into the hot oil for 30 seconds. Remove from heat and cover. Let it sit for 4 hours to infuse at room temperature. If the oil has hardened return to low heat. Strain and discard rosemary. 

To use, scoop ½ a teaspoon into fingertips to warm and massage into the scalp. Leave for 20 minutes, or overnight, then rinse. Follow-up with shampoo and proceed with your normal hair care routine.



Rosemary improves blood circulation in the scalp, thus stimulating follicle growth. It has also been known to limit excess shedding, prevent dandruff, and reduce itching. Coconut oil hydrates and adds shine while sealing in moisture.