Author: Michelle Chun
Image: @tinycactus

The Sign of Sagittarius 


Sagittarius is a fire sign–energetic, curious beings that are fueled by exploration. They are innately free-spirited, and cling to the freedom and ability to traverse through different philosophies and cultures. Luckily enough, this means that you have been supplied with the spirit and valor needed for this season.

To welcome the current Sagittarius season and embrace the never-ending energy of this sign, we have curated the Sagittarius Spunk playlist. These tunes recreate the Sagittarius whimsicalness and everlasting want for a perfect summer day. Sagittarians live by embracing one’s own vibrations and releasing good energy into the universe. Some artists that portray this mood are Cyndi Lauper, MARINA, Lizzo, Glass Animals, and Still Woozy. This playlist exists to celebrate the effervescent nature of this season, the imaginary frolicking on freshly cut meadows, and the path to blooming into our best selves.


Sagittarius Season Explained


Jupiter is the ruling planet of this sign, which focuses on growth, expansion, and prosperity while bringing good fortune. Sagittarians boldly pursue the truth, and revel in expanding their own knowledge and insight. They pride themselves in their intellect, which means this may be the time to dabble in some research, reading, and even studying documentaries that surround areas of your questioning. Focus on being aware and present on current events and the episodes happening around you. 

Seamlessly traveling from one season to another, this sign is known for being fluid and adaptable to various environments. They are able to assess the qualities that need mending in order to enter the next season, prosperous and coherent. Thus, channel your inner passions, break old and unhealthy cycles, and pour energy into the cherishable bonds.

This season may feel like an overwhelming nudge towards leaving your habitual comfort, but believe that you carry the strength and fortitude needed to do so. There is no time like the present to explore the world around you, seek meaningful connections, and strive after enticing interests that you have held onto since the last seasons.



Ending Note

Among all the wonderful traits associated with the Sagittarius season are also some important aspects to look out for. Sagittarians are known to be brutally honest and blunt, oftentimes sharing unwanted advice to their circle. This tendency can hinder the meaningful connections you have created, and although this year is about sharing your experiences with others, it is not a moment to preach. Be mindful in the manner you share these moments, and think before you speak. Stray away from providing any insight unless you are asked or prompted to. 



The Sagittarius Spunk playlist can be found here–for your pleasure, curiosity, and insight.