By: Michelle Chun 

As we center ourselves in the icy blue season of winter, we search for signs of inspiration to keep us engaged in this dark but magical time. The most exhilarating part about seasons changing is the reinvention of identity. Stepping into the scene is who we define as the “Ice Queen.” Miranda Priestly, Blair Waldorf, and Annalise Keating all have portrayed this persona on screen. Their coldhearted charm has led them to become iconic figures for this type of woman. 


The Ice Queen

This persona is feared, but coveted by many due to the prestige and charisma exuded. The muse is a cold, calculative, city woman—empowered by her own femininity and unapologetically takes up space in a society that questions her worth. She is seemingly too perfect to be true, excelling in all areas of her life with ease. Intimidation on cue, her icy glare and impeccable posture can steal your breath away. 


She defines her own trends, remaining timeless and resilient in style. A multiplayer in fashion, she can pull off a clean suited look as well as a striking evening dress. 


She does not stutter, only proclaims. With realization of her magnitude, she chooses to be disruptive. You have undoubtedly run into a living “ice queen” before—your class president, professor, maybe even your boss. 


Behind the Archetype

The bitter reality about personas is that they are mere facades; a veil that is shed once the curtains close. All “Ice Queens” have gone through some sort of trauma, heartache, and betrayal that led them to reconcile their brokenness. The question remains: what can we take away from this? 


Empower yourself to go after what you deserve, not what society deems as acceptable. Break the glass ceiling, create ripples and movement—make noise. Shape dialogue in areas that no one has dared to go before. 


Be your own heroine. Be a tempest. Be a force.