Author: Georgina Berbari
Image: @indg0


On November 15th, the third and final super new moon will shroud the usual lunar illumination, darkening the night sky. This new moon in Scorpio invites us into the liquid depths of this intense water sign to reflect on our emotions over the past month and set intentions for the coming month.


The New Moon in Scorpio

Spiritually, this new moon relates to morality and success. As I am writing this, Joe Biden has won the presidential election, defeating Donald Trump. People are cheering and celebrating on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan and there is a sense of camaraderie, relief, and somewhat hesitant joy. Are things actually looking up? Is the worst really over?


Perhaps on November 15th we can take time to sit with and process all of the complicated emotions that the election and its proceedings dredged up. Did you feel blazing anger? Hopefulness? Hopelessness? A deep grief underneath it all? During meditation, breathe deeply and observe where these emotions are held in your body. Is there tension in your hips? Shoulders? Jaw? Breathe into any tightness and as you exhale, make space for something new. 

The Scorpio new moon is a time to set goals related to transformation, release, and forgiveness. This makes sense on a global scale but what about a personal one? Ask yourself what areas of your life could benefit from a reset. Try out mantras such as “I evolve”, “I am willing to change”, I embrace life’s perpetual metamorphosis and flow with it”. Reflect on any areas of your life in which you may need to forgive yourself or someone else. Remember that resentment and blame will only keep you feeling stuck, while forgiveness will create space for the pain to exit and for something beautiful to grow in its place.