Exploring the Open-Hearted Archetype of The Fool

There is no older, truer, universal expression of an open-hearted archetype than the first card of the Major Arcana tarot deck, The Fool.

The Fool is pictured blissfully on the edge of a cliff, his chest pressed upwards towards the sky. A white rose rests in one hand, representing his innocence and a dog at his side, representing his loyalty. He seems to dance before a menacing background of mountains, a representation of challenges he will face — but not today. 

The Fool Luminary Archetypal Studies

The Vision of The Fool

The vision of The Fool can be used to illustrate the fears of open-hearted living. After all, aren’t those who live from the heart foolish? Isn’t it all rather corny, naive, and silly? Don’t they appear rather fragile if not a little unhinged? 

This open-hearted archetype represents the starting place. The Fool is numbered zero – the number of unlimited potential. It is said that every card that follows encompasses the Hero’s journey. Our friend is not dizzily poised on the edge of abyss, but rather bravely scaling a mountain to embrace his life purpose, which can only begin through a commitment to open-hearted living. 

Those embarking on a journey to live from the heart are very much like the fool. They are just beginning their journey.  While they know challenges will come, they are excited for the lessons they need to learn and have no intention of returning to the stunted, crowded, closed-hearted depths below. Those ready to surrender their lives to open-hearted living are closing their eyes to false options of the world and bravely, blindly stepping into the unknown with the faith of a fool.

In the spirit of the moon cycle calendar, consider beginning the cycle of your day with a touch of lemon and cayenne plant magic.