Author: Michelle Chun


The Sign of Scorpio

Scorpios are often mistaken for being a fire sign. Fiery and relentless, their passion derives from being unapologetically themselves. However, they are actually a water sign. Underneath all the surface-level fire is a delicate heart as deep as the ocean.

For a change, I wanted to focus on the softer side of Scorpios. The water sign houses many diverse emotions and feels even more intensely than others. Due to their aggressive nature, it can be incredibly hard for them to translate these delicate emotions, which often leads to heartbreak. 

In essence, Scorpios are complex creatures. They strongly guard their heart and mind for their own protection. Therefore, I curated a playlist to better understand the concealed, inner being of the Scorpio. Feelings of angst, yearning, and melancholia may arise—proceed with caution.

A Look Inside the Artists

The ethereal vibrations of Cigarettes after Sex resemble Scorpios when they are immersed in love. Chaos aside, and in the moment, they are deeply invested in their relationship. The sedated dream pop tendencies of The Japanese House and Troye Sivan replicate the emotional fog of euphoria and intimacy. Scorpios feel these emotions in their bones, intensely and overwhelmingly. However, they are not ones to reside on Cloud Nine for long, as they will not rationalize ill-fated or toxic relationships. Phoebe Bridgers’ candid and melancholy voice indicates when they have entered the clear through deep reflection.

The collective angst of Lorde, Caroline Polachek, and Perfume Genius releases a myriad of emotions. Scorpios tend to be very obsessive, and when they fixate on an emotion or several, they begin to spiral and head towards self-destruction. Thus, chaos ensues, and a hurricane of anxiety and doubt arises. 

The heartache echoing from Bülow and Sasha Sloan’s voices mirror the yearning for meaning and deep connection from within a Scorpio’s soul. They are extremely prideful beings, but are also emotional and sensitive. So when their heart breaks, it really breaks. However, Scorpios are in tune with rationality which means they can separate their mind from their heart. They will eventually prosper from a broken heart knowing that they deserve better, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. 



Scorpios are not only an enigma, but are secretive because they are afraid of getting hurt. Once they are wounded on the inside, they retreat to protection mode. It takes the right, specific person to unlock a Scorpio’s heart– but when they finally love, they love deeply. It could be argued that Scorpios are one of the most sensitive signs; they are just misunderstood because of their intense authenticity.

The full Soundtrack of a Scorpio Heartbreak playlist can be found here– for your pleasure, heartbreak, or reflection.