Author: Georgina Berbari 


From November 22nd until the Winter Solstice on December 21st, Sagittarius season will be in full swing. Since we will be coming out of the dark, intensely focused time that is Scorpio season, this season is likely to feel as if you’re letting out a well-overdue sigh of relief. 


If you were holding your breath for the majority of Scorpio season (which makes sense in light of the recent election) it’s time to kick it Sag style and let it go


Yes, the world is tumultuous as ever, however there is still hope for movement towards collective awakening. Saggitariuses—the eternal optimists—are coaxing us out of hibernation and into expansiveness, celebration, and vast potential for growth. 


Sagittarius Season 2020


Sagittariuses are fire signs ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is a planet brimming with energy, confidence, and happiness. This kind of optimism, open-mindedness, and good-natured humor are what Sags are all about. Ambitious, restless Sagittarius encourages us to travel far and wide—and to embrace independence wholeheartedly. A contradiction to this would be the current limitations set upon us by COVID. This may lead to an uncomfortable feeling of restlessness.


Despite current travel and social restrictions, Sagittarius season will still feel festive and adventurous in comparison to the conclusion of Scorpio’s reign. Scorpio season was about digging deeper and deeper in search of the truth, “dying” or shedding your past false narratives and being reborn anew. This kind of rebirth—or as Rumi said, “washing yourself of yourself”—is crucial in order for the continuation of growth. By no coincidence, Sagittarius is adept at curation: refining others’ creation and producing a masterpiece. Here, Sag will take the Scorpion’s tendency to over-analyze deep growth and discard any impulse to overthink.


During Sagittarius season we will be transferring from an unyielding focused attention to a broadminded one full of possibility. Think of it like zooming out and seeing the whole forest, rather than solely the trees. Think of it as if you’d been enveloped in a silky cocoon and now you have emerged, re-birthed, and ready to party Sagittarius style. 


Mindfulness during Sag Season


Sagittarius is loud and honest whether you like it or not which earns them a great deal of respect and trust from others. However, the bluntness of a Sag’s devotion to the truth can rub a lot of people the wrong way, coming off as preachy or unwarranted. 


The lesson in this? In some situations, silence speaks volumes. Listen more. Don’t be so quick to offer advice especially if it’s tactless. Sometimes, deciding whether or not to speak your mind is not a matter of compromising your values but a matter of keeping the peace. Sometimes, others aren’t ready to hear the truth and that’s OK. 


If, despite your efforts, others seem committed to misunderstanding you, channel the fierce independence of Sagittarians. If something clearly isn’t working, Sag moves on without looking back. And if conventionality threatens to hold them back, a Sag will stage an anarchic rebellious assertion of their independence and completely detach from the way things ‘should’ be. 


“This is simply the way that it has always been done” is, well, a cute challenge for Sagittarians. And don’t be fooled; this opposition to societal standards is not performative in any sense—Saggitarians are genuinely perplexed by platitudinous norms. This kind of illuminatory open-mindedness can lead to a beautiful, energetic freedom. 

This season, we could all benefit from a Saggitarian’s curious and open heart. To make the most of Saggitarius season, ask questions, engage in gentle debates, and try not to get caught in the trance of always being right. If you refuse to listen, you’ll never learn. And if you stay stuck in a false narrative, you’ll never unlearn. But with an open mind and heart, Sagittarius season is opportunistic for ultimate, sustainable freedom.