Author: Georgina Berbari 

As equanimous and balanced Libra season comes to a close, shadowy and lustrous Scorpio season commences. From October 23rd to November 22nd intense energy will run high for the collective as the Scorpion’s power, passion, and dramatic nature permeate the solar system. To help you make the most of this powerful zodiac symbol, we have your guide to guide to Scorpio season.  

Scorpio season is as glamorous as it is sinister. As Scorpions emerge from the shadows with their poised stingers at attention (and I’m being figurative here… unless you’re reading this from the desert), the water sign will remind us that there is nothing at all chill about them. Think about it: Both Halloween and the U.S. presidential election will take place during the Scorpio season—these two events are sure to conjure up a copious amount of ominous, fervent energy that will be nearly impossible to disregard.


What to Expect During Scorpio Season

For a lot of people, the Scorpio season will seem overwhelming. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of both destruction and transformation; and the part of the body governed by Scorpio is the genital area. As someone with both their sun and moon in Scorpio, I can vaguely recall having been intense and provocative ever since departing my mother’s womb—and though many people are attracted to these traits, they can be fully off-putting to others that don’t express themselves the same way.

As legendarily sexual as Scorpio’s are, sex isn’t solely about pleasure for them. Rather this sign craves physical closeness and emotional intimacy along with the spiritual illumination that sex can ignite. As a water sign, the Scorpion is a well of deep—and a lot of the time secretive and abundantly guarded—emotion. Scorpio’s want the depth of their connections with others to be as cavernous as the Marianas Trench—they want to be utterly entangled with their lovers and loved ones. That being said, don’t be afraid to explore your sexuality this season. This might mean trying orgasmic meditation, tantric sex, or exploring fetishes or fantasies veiled in your psyche. Ask yourself: Are you consciously or unconsciously holding shame around having desires that are out of the norm? Observe this. And then remind yourself that Scorpio season is about discarding taboos and embracing your inner freak. 

The Highs, Lows, and Magic of Scorpio Season  

In comparison to the overtly social, extroverted, somewhat superficial energy of Libra season, Scorpio season will feel antithetically secretive, introspective, and cryptically erotic. Much of the power of this mystical season lies in suspense, seduction, and extreme passion. This will create an air of excitement, because to the Scorpio, life is a game of chess and they’re always three steps ahead. Be careful how you proceed with this powerful energy, though, as it can quickly turn suspicious and manipulative, controlled by the ego. There’s a legend that a scorpion surrounded by a ring of fire will commit suicide by stinging itself to death with its own tail. Though scientists have proven this legend to be false, it serves as an effective metaphor for the risk of Scorpionic magic being used incorrectly—resulting in the poisoning of oneself. When used intelligently, though, the sharpness of the Scorpion’s tail can symbolize Scorpio’s sharp, intuitive powers and potential for psychic-level empathy. 

During the transition between Libra season and Scorpio season, It’s interesting to explore the contradiction between complete Libran balance to total Scorpionic obsession. The Scorpio is known for being obsessive, which has its benefits and drawbacks. During this season, channel this focused, obsessive energy into healthy outlets. Remember that there’s always the potential for the obsession to turn pathological, so it’s important to constantly be checking in with yourself and making sure that you’re not getting lost in the shrouded mystery of the Scorpion. For example, obsessive energy can be cultivated in beautifully artistic pursuits and creative outlets, but it can also result in unhealthy compulsions and mental illness. 

Things to Remember During this Luminary Time

Scorpio’s are fearless in the dark and will venture to the deepest parts of the psyche where unattended trauma craves to be nurtured. Anything avoided or typically shied away from is Scorpionic kryptonite—and in this, the deep healing power of this astrological sign lies. 

Tangentially, being so drawn to darkness can lead to isolation and nihilistic depression. Remind yourself to rest, to simply be, and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life during Scorpio season—remind yourself that light is imperative in balancing the dark. 

Finally, take care of yourself and hone in on what healthy boundaries mean for you. Scorpio’s don’t really know what “safe middle-ground” means, always craving danger and novelty and wrestling with boundary struggles at times. When left unattended, this can lead to an all-consuming black and white mentality and a misunderstanding of the significance of duality in all things. With a devotion to inner-work and self-awareness, though, Scorpio season reminds us to flow with and surrender to the powerful pull to the dark side while doing the hard work of finding blissful illumination in the shadows.

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